Our Design Philosophy

Every Extant Labs’ product must meet the following standards.


  • Made with the highest quality raw materials available.
  • Employ functional technology that is new to the application.
  • Perform its primary function demonstrably better than currently available products.
  • Made in America, using American materials where possible.


Functional Technology

Demonstrably better

Made in America

About Us

Carolina International Sales Co., Inc. (CISCO Chemicals) is proud to launch Extant Labs, our new product R&D division focused on the development of cutting edge products for the military, police, and sportsmen of America. Every product we create is loaded with high-tech materials from aerospace and defense sectors, and application-specific technologies developed by our talented and driven technical team.

Perpetual Development

Every product we sell is subject to continuous testing, research, and improvement. Rather than constantly releasing “new” products and adding to a huge and arcane product line, we keep improving the products we already have for a certain application. This means you’re always buying our best product for the application, no matter how long it’s been on the market.

Ad Hoc R&D

Our technical team is an adaptive system of in-house researchers and contract specialists that we recruit for specific projects. By this system, we have both application-specific talent working on each project, and project leaders with a wide range of experience that can pass discoveries and technologies between projects. We’re always looking for contract specialists to work on future R&D projects. Please contact us if you have a very particular set of skills.



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